September 26, 2016

I know the summer was great, but now we can be thankful for Autumn: the season of red, orange and gold, an explosion of colour, nature's grand finale! I look forward to walking amongst carpets of fallen leaves as the air turns chilly and the body intuitively feels the need for warmer gentler practices and for more nurturing food. Although I also look forward to a hot chocolate sitting in front of the first fire!

In this newsletter I want to tell you about the new timetable and what is happening over the next month. Plus I want to share my feelings on Autumn, but feel free to skip them if you just want to go to the timetable info.

As you will see I have put together the Beginners Yoga with the Restorative Flow on Monday evening, so that there is only one class starting at 6.30 pm. This is because I feel that the beginners are now more than capable of joining the earlier class. It will be slightly longer maybe 15 mins to accommodate time to go through some basics and focus on one posture e...

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