October 29, 2018

It feels as if we barely had a chance to embrace summer, before the Halloween parties, pumpkin soups and cosy jumpers are out. And as much as I personally try to cling onto my shorts and flip-flops, the chilly winds and changing colours are a sure sign that Autumn is here.

Autumn is a time of transition. Trees and shrubs are quietly shedding their leaves. There is a subtle browning of the earth. Temperatures are definetly dropping. Wildlife is more scare, either migrated or preparing for the cold winter. And the wind is slowly gathering strength, carrying the tides of winter on its breath.

Self Care

Autumn harbors a certain emptiness which can leave us feeling exposed and a little raw, but it is also filled with possibility as a time when we can also strip down to a quiet essence of being and embrace more simplicity in our lives.

Yoga helps us do that by allowing us to slow down. When we do a yin or restorative practice, we activate our rest and digest response and create the right conditi...

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