Nurturing emotional

and physical wellbeing. 

Hello and welcome.


I am glad you found me and I hope I can be of help at this difficult time.

I’m a Psychotherapist, Breathwork Coach and Yoga Teacher with a passion for nurturing mental, physical and emotional health.


At the moment, things are a bit different here as I am working mostly online, but my work stays authentic and heartfelt, and aimed at cultivating wellbeing in our lives on an everyday basis. I always welcome new clients and students. 

This is what I am offering at present:

Breathwork - online except for Breathing by the Sea sessions (see Breathwork pages).

Counselling - online except for Walk and Talk sessions (see Psychotherapy pages). 

Yoga - online - see timetable below. 


Monday 9.20 – 10.30 am Slow Flow - online £6 

Tuesday 5.30 – 6.45 pm Restorative Yoga - online £6

Thursday 9.20 – 10.40 am Dynamic Flow - online £6

Tuesday on request  Breathwork £2 donation