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Flow, Vinyasa or Dynamic Yoga is a relatively recent but increasingly popular style of Yoga. It connects movement with breath so that each posture flows into the next making this practice almost like dance or moving meditation.


Dynamic Yoga allows us to be playful and varied within each class slowing or fastening the pace as the mood requires and allowing us to have fun with different transitions that work on balance and core.


Dynamic classes combine an active standing sequence which improves strength, stamina and balance with a slower seated sequence which instead works on stretching and lengthening your muscles and limbs thus promoting suppleness and flexibility. 


The energetic, flowing movements banish lethargy and burn calories making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to lose weight, feel energised and healthier.


The whole process is underpinned by an awareness of breath which flows like a wave accompanying our movements.

We typically end with a period of relaxation and nurture when the body and mind can let go and reside in stillness.


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