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If you have a particular physical or emotional concern which you want to explore on the mat, then we can delve deeper into your practice with the intention to be truly nurturing: stretching out, breathing in and letting go.


Restorative Yoga focuses on unwinding and restoring by releasing muscles but also by softening our mind towards silence. It is a chance to slow down, to pay attention, to relax, to reside in stillness.


We combine mindful soothing Yoga postures with nourishing breathing to foster awareness of the present moment and of what happens within. We might start with a gentle warming standing sequence before sinking onto our mats to rest for long supported stretches, maybe using props for more comfort.


This practice is great for beginners as well as experienced yogis and pregnant women.


Restorative Yoga is now being used in the US to rehabilitate veterans physically and with PTSD, to support patients in hospitals who are undergoing invasive treatments like chemotherapy: and in palliative care.


I believe it is only a matter of time until the NHS will recognise its importance and offer it as a matter of course. 

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