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All is coming. 

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois



Yoga is a rejuvenating tonic for both body and mind. It is the oldest and most holistic system of personal development: merging body, mind and soul, it makes you strong, stretched and relaxed but also nurtured, blissful and content.


Yoga is about paying attention to the breath and the body, about being right here to experience how brilliant it is to be in our bodies even when it's a challenge!


It is a way to radiant health with a wonderful rippling effect in daily life granting a sense of inner well-being, vitality and peace.


Each class is bespoke, light and fun.

I mix different types of Yoga to create the perfect practice for you on a particular day. Whether I am teaching a group or a one to one, I always adapt the practice to your needs: your mood, your level of fitness and flexibility, your intention, the weather, the season: it can be dynamic, relaxing, energising, challenging... Either way, a typical session consists of some standing and some seated postures underpinned by mindful breathing ending with time for stillness.


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